White/Refined Sugar Vs Palm / Coconut Sugar

Ecobuddy Palm sugar Regular Cane Sugar
1 Free from Chemicals, bleaches, preservatives and GMO Bleached using harmful chemicals and bleaches, the traces of which are very much present in the Sugar
2 Highly Nutritious, contains about 24 nutrients including Vitamins, Minerals and Protein Contains hardly any nutrients
3 All nutrients are natural and not fortified or artificially added Contains hardly any nutrients
4 100% pure palm sugar Cane Jaggery is added with chemicals to increase weight
5 Traditionally in India women are suggested to consume palm sugar as a first thing after giving birth to a child and immediately after Puberty, because of its high nutritional content Contains hardly any nutrients
6 Contains Low Glycemic Index. The Glycemic index is only 40. Replacing cane sugar with palm sugar is a big step for diebetics, heart patients, cancer patients and obese people. Normal people by replacing Palm Sugar with white sugar, the risk of diebeties, obesity and heart ailments are reduced. Contains High Glycemic Index. The GI of cane sugar is more than 92. This makes it harmful for Diebetic patients, heart patients, cancer patients and Obese people.
7 Safe for infants to have Palm Sugar as it is free from chemicals and bleaches Because of presence of harmful chemical, unsafe for infants to consume. In cane jaggery and in country sugar, bleaches used in dye industry is used to bring the bring yellow color. Dangerous chemicals are also used to prevent the cane jaggery from breaking during transit.
8 Consumption of Palm sugar does not make children hyperactive Consumption of cane sugar makes children hyperactive
9 Ecobuddy Palm sugar is certified Organic Most of the cane sugars available in the market are not organic
10 Palm sugar is free from flocculent, surfactants, viscosity modifiers The process of making cane sugar crystals includes these process
11 Adds unique exotic flavour apart from sweetening the dish. Merely sweetens the dish
12 Contains medicinal properties. Used in many Ayurvedic medicines and in varieties of indigeneous medicines of India. By itself it is considered as a medicine for cough cold and breath related problems Does not known to have any medicinal properties
13 Palm trees are dry land flora. They consume very less water. Consuming Palm Sugar is ecofriendly way of living. An acre used for Palmyra tree cultivation can give more than one and half times of Palm Sugar yield than that of cane sugar. In todays population pressure over land this is very significant Sugar cane consumes lots of water. To get 1 kg of cane sugar, the water consumed is much higher than that of Palm Sugar
14 Palm sugar consumption brings in equality in economy as this supports unprevileged palm tree tappers life. Since Ecobuddy palm sugar comes with minimal processing, the proportion of money spent on processing is less and proportion paid to the farmers is more Proportion of money which goes to palm tree tappers out of every sale price paid by the customer is high than that of cane sugar. Large share of the money paid by the end customer goes to big sugar mill owners and to meet out huge processing expenditure.
15 Palm Sugar is the Traditional staple sweetener of India. This is the cause of health of Indians for many centuries. Introduced and popularised to Indians by the British. Cane Sugar is one of the cause of current health problems of majority of Indians through prolific Diebeties, Anemia and Malnutrition


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