Herbal Hair Wash Powder 250gm – with 22 herbal ingredients


The Go Rustic hairwash is a tradition-inspired natural formulation to clean and care for hair .

This hairwash works well to gently and thoroughly cleanse hair and scalp without stripping it of natural oils. Keeps hair naturally conditioned so there is no need to use any synthetic conditioner after this product. Most users report seeing a decrease in hair dryness, increase in hair health , improvement in hair growth, reduction in dry scalp, reduction in split ends and most importantly reduction in scalp and hair oiliness post wash after switching to the Go Rustic Hair wash.

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Ingredients :

acacia concinna (‎Shikakai),  Fenu Greek (Methi) ,green mung bean, Urad dal, mimusoaps elengi (Mazhilam poo) ,paneer rose petals ,Davanam (Marikozhuthu) ,Avaram poo ,Karisalangani ,Curry leaves, Hibiscus leaves ,Hibiscus Flower, soapnut (Boondhi kottai) ,vetiver, Amla ,vasambu ,Lemon skin ,Orange skin, Nannari (Naru Netti) ,Korai Kizhangu, Athimathuram ,raw rice (small amount)


  • Go Rustic hairwash is a gentle hair and scalp cleanser.
  • It does not contain suspect and potentially harmful ingredients like SLS, SLES, parabens and synthetic fragrances.
  • This hairwash works to cleanse hair and scalp thoroughly, even when oiled, without stripping hair of natural oils.
  • The natural plant conditioners in the formulation leave your hair feeling smooth , conditioned and manageable.
  • The grey water from the use of this product can be easily recycled or re-directed into your garden.

How to Use:

  1. Make a thick paste using 1- 2 tablespoons of the hair-wash in a small amount of water
  2. Apply this paste to your hair instead of a shampoo.
  3. Rinse well until the paste is completely washed off.
  4.  If you have oiled your hair, wash twice.
  5. No Need to use a conditioner.


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250 gm


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