Kasthuri Manjal / Wild Turmeric


Kasthuri Manjal [Wild turmeric] is an incredible anti-inflammatory agent which takes care of any inflammation of your skin which may be an end result of many disturbances in nature, say pollution, the harmful rays of the sun, dust, allergies due to dirt and heat etc. . Kasthuri Manjal is known to be an amazing anti-oxidant. Antioxidants take care of your skin by protecting it against the excess production of free radicals that are caused by the unwanted calamities of nature. . Kasthuri Manjal possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties which are proven to fight against pimple-causing bacteria. This wild turmeric can help in cleaning your pores by extracting all the impurities that your skin pores can involuntarily store. . Pimples and acne can leave back stubborn marks and spots on your skin that can take ages to fade away. Kasthuri Manjal is proven to treat such marks and lighten them. . Kasthuri Manjal holds powerful skin healing properties. It can help your skin fight the harmful bacteria of the regular cuts, wounds or bruises thus helping your skin to heal as fast as possible

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